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Manage your banking and insurance business remotely with KBC

  • Manage multiple accounts remotely, even for different companies
  • Smooth online collaboration between multiple users
  • Receive electronic reports via CODA, SWIFT MT940 and/or XML reporting
  • Do your banking anytime, anywhere via your smartphone or tablet

Discover KBC-Online for Business

Online banking ondernemers

Automation is an integral part of our day-to-day lives. And that definitely applies to the business world, too. KBC has responded to this by also offering an adapted range of electronic services to its business clients, allowing them to manage their banking and insurance affairs remotely. KBC-Online for Business is the online banking package for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). KBC-Online for Business lets you manage your banking business online quickly and easily.

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What options are available within KBC-Online for Business?

Effective cooperation

First and foremost, KBC-Online for Business can be used by multiple users who each receive a personal access code. This lets you assign a particular employee different rights and options should you wish to do so.

It is also possible to group different business accounts for different companies within a single subscription. Do you have multiple companies? KBC-Online for Business provides you with a clear overview.

Payments within Belgium or the EU

KBC-Online for Business lets you easily register transfers within Europe as a business owner. All registered transfers are stored in an online worksheet, where you can select multiple orders to sign in one go and send them to the bank. You can store up to 40 payments in the online worksheet by default. Do you want to store more orders? Then choose the extended worksheet. You can create and manage a file with 750 beneficiaries for European transfers online.

International payments (outside the EU)

internationale betalingen uitvoeren

As a business owner, you are increasingly confronted with the blurring of borders around your company due to the increasing speed of market internationalisation. And that means your payments need to grow just as quickly. That's why you can implement international as well as European transfers in KBC-Online for Business. These are payments to countries outside the EU or payments in a currency other than the euro.

Monitor payments

You can also monitor sent payment orders and files via KBC-Online for Business. This allows you to check for yourself whether or not your payments have been processed, for example. You may then have the option to delete a payment that has not yet been processed from your online worksheet. You can also add a digital signature to payment orders and files you sent earlier. This may be necessary when multiple people need to sign so that a transaction to be carried out.

SEPA direct debits

Europese domiciliëringen

The SEPA direct debit lets you approve a European creditor (the Belgian or European supplier of your goods or services) to collect payment automatically for your future invoices. This means that your invoices are paid on time and simplifies your administration. SEPA direct debits can be checked and managed at any time in KBC-Online for Business.

Call up and print out reports

With KBC-Online for Business, you can also call up detailed information on transactions over the preceding 10 years for all your accounts. You can then create reports for all these transactions based on certain selection criteria. You can do this whenever and as often as you like, in both PDF and CSV format.

View credit card information

You can also request information on the issue of your company's MasterCard Business and Visa credit cards via KBC-Online for Business. Due to confidentiality considerations, the manager of your subscription will decide which employees will be able to request this information. What's more, certain credit cards can be excluded from the overview, such as cards that are also used to pay personal expenses.

Work with an accounting package

bankbestand tekenen

Most accounting packages feature a payment module that stores open invoices in a bank file. This file can be sent to the bank via KBC-Online for Business. After you have sent your files, you must also attach the required digital signatures. The bank will only process the file once the necessary signatures have been received. KBC can then send you a file containing information on the processed invoices (CODA), which can be imported into your accounting package, so all your invoices are debited in one go.

Manage your credit and insurance

As well as an overview of all your outstanding credit (investment credit, cash credit, etc.), you can also check your insurance policies via KBC-Online for Business.

KBC-Online for Business is secure and reliable

KBC-Online for Business is equipped with highly reliable and robust security systems. But you benefit from flexibility here, too. As a business owner, you can choose between two security methods

  • You can either opt for the KBC e-Business Card (a smartcard), along with a card reader that is linked to your PC. The KBC e-Business Card gives you access to a wide range of e-government applications such as the electronic VAT return or the filing of your annual financial statements via the  National Bank website.
  • Or you can choose KBC Mobile Sign as a means of access. This smartphone application allows you to log in and provide signatures in KBC-Online for Business.


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Manage your KBC-Online for Business subscription

Your KBC-Online for Business subscription grows with your company. Depending on your needs, you can supplement the basic package (account information, payments, etc.) with more specialised applications (e.g., interaction with your accounting software). For example, do you need to include a new employee in your subscription? Or would you like to activate a supplementary application?

You can make all these changes yourself online, meaning that the applications are activated straight away, without you having to go out of your way or fill in any paperwork. In order to make certain changes you will need to appoint a designated subscription manager. This is a user who acts as a contact person for KBC-Online for Business within your company.

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Would you prefer something else? Choose KBC Touch for Business

Does KBC-Online for Business seem a little too advanced? Alongside KBC-Online for Business, we also offer another solution for you to carry out and manage your business (and personal) transactions: discover KBC Touch for Business. Or are you already an avid user of KBC-Online for Business? Then KBC Touch for Business offers you that little bit extra. You can track your business payments with ease during your private life, wherever and whenever it suits you best. Efficient and convenient.

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